Hair Styling and How to

9 out of 10 women are constantly looking for a new hair style – whether it’s to have a unique style or for a special occasion. Every person has their own idea on what to choose the right hairstyles to fit them but it’s always depends on person’s face, shape, hair, texture, and the occasion. If your spending the day at the mall or watching movie at your friend place, then for sure you want to have a relaxed and casual, and easy to maintain hair style.

The Sock Bun


            A new kind of hair styling is called The Sock Bun – it looks like a bun, produces awesome no-heat curls. It only takes 5 minutes at night, and 2-3 in the morning and the nice having a sock bun it can’t damage your hair with heat styling tools.  All that is needed is a new sock; a firm holds hairspray, and a brush.

Steps to Creating the Sock Bun

  1. Look for a clean sock!
  2. Cut off the toe of the sock – so you are left with a tube. Roll the sock in on itself until you create a donut shape.  Brush out your hair, beginning with the bottom layers. Make it sure that there are no tangles and always remember to be kind with you hair – brutal brushing can cause breakage and split ends.
  3. Start to spray your hair with a hard hold hair spays, avoid spraying hair spray straight on your roots. And remember to focus on the middle and lower half of your hair.
  4. Brush your hair back and pull it up into a pony tail. Intend to have the pony tail, higher up the near the crown of your head, so the higher up on your head the ponytail is, the easier if will be for you to sleep. Make safe your ponytail is hair elastic.
  5. Spray your ponytail with hair spray (or water in a spray bottle) again.
  6. Holding the ponytail straight on top of your head place the end of the ponytail through the middle of your sock. Go down the sock your ponytail about 2 inches – so the ends of the ponytail are hanging over the sock. Extend the ends calmly around the sock – it should almost cover the sock completely.
  7. Push the ends of your hair below the sock and roll it outwards. As you roll the sock outwards, more and more of your hair will be wrapped around the sock. Your hair should be fed up through the hold of the sock, and then be wrapped around it as you role the sock down your pony tail.
  8. Keep on rolling until you have a bun. At this moment, depending how fine you get at making the sock bun – it does make for a great style to wear out, so long as all of the sock is covered by your hair. If you wish to have curls, continue on.
  9. Go to sleep! Sleep with the Sock Bun in your hair.
  10. When you wake in the morning, take away the sock and undo the ponytail. You should be left with great no-heat curls. For best results, give your curls a quick spray with hair spray to ensure the curls stay all day.

For more hair styling and steps visit and it’s free registration.


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